You’re not alone, thousands of professionals face the same challenges.

Speak more at tech events!

Do you want to speak with success? Learn from the best in tech. Learn from a training designed for the tech industry:
Rock the Tech Stage On-demand.

A unique On-demand Course

This course gives you the tools and prepares you to successfully give tech talks on conferences, meetups, and other events.

Rock the Tech Stage On-demand is designed for professionals in the tech industry like you who want to speak in conferences, meetups, panels, and communicate effectively in day-to-day situations such as internal meetings.

At the end of the program you will have crafted a tech talk that brings the best of you and will help you succeed in tech events.

Tips on how to give great tech talks - Rock the Tech Stage on demand

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Praise for Rock the Tech Stage On-demand course

Praise for Rock the Tech Stage On-demand course


This course is structured in 4 modules, divided in bite-sized lessons. Additionally the module GET KNOWN AS A SPEAKER IN TECH is an extra bonus that helps you get booked as a speaker in the right events for you.

The course is split in a total of 20 lessons.


Oscar Santolalla

After a decade and a half in the technology arena, Oscar embarked on a mission to help people in technology companies present better, inspire others, and sell more.

He is author of “Rock the Tech Stage” (Apress, 2020) and “Create and Deliver a Killer Product Demo” (Apress, 2018). Oscar helps professionals in the technology industry rediscover the power of sharing their best ideas onstage.

Since 2014, Oscar hosts Time to Shine, the pioneer podcast in public speaking. He works as a Sales Engineer at Ubisecure, in which he hosts the podcast “Let’s Talk About Digital Identity” and leads the company’s product training program. He has also contributed as speaking coach in several TEDx events.

Oscar Santolalla training

Learn from the best speakers in the tech industry:

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Praise for Rock the Tech Stage On-demand course